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The Ringsfield Heritage - Rethatching

This year, starting in June, our 15th century church of All Saints' is being rethatched.  It was last rethatched in Queen Elizabeth II's Coronation year in 1953, and previous to that, in 1883.  So both times the thatch has lasted 70 years!

All Saints' is the oldest building in the village by far.  Many people attend the church and graveyard - be it to attend services or to tend graves, or just to appreciate its beautiful and peaceful setting in the Waveney Valley.


The Thatching Project

We hope you will visit the church and support this project.

     Join us for a coffee morning or afternoon tea!

  • Thursday 27 July               Afternoon Tea, 2 to 4pm

  • Saturday 12 August          Coffee Morning, 10 to 12noon

  • Saturday 26 August         Afternoon Tea, 2 to 4pm

  • Tuesday 12 September   "Meet the Thatcher" full Afternoon Tea, 3 to 4pm                                                            (tickets from Margaret Cannell, 07816547533)

We have fund raised and saved over many years to pay for the thatching to be done.  Fortunately we have just enough money (£68,000) to pay for the thatching, but we have to raise extra funds for the scaffolding, some leadwork on the tower roof and some guttering repairs.  

Picture Gallery - July 2023

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