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Our Parishes

 THE HUNDRED RIVER AND WAINFORD BENEFICE is a group of nine Church of England parishes in the north Suffolk countryside, between Beccles and Halesworth. Each parish has its own church building and its own pattern of services and activities. However, we share a common identity as open, inclusive Christians offering a welcome to anyone, whatever their background, who wishes to travel with us.

The Hundred River is a real river that enters the sea near Kessingland. Divided into numerous streams, it meanders through our parishes, sometimes full and roaring, nowadays more often muddy and dried-up. Wainford is a memory of an ancient  ford, by which horse-drawn wagons ("wains") once used to cross the Hundred River.   


The nine historic parishes within our group are:-

Weston (St Peter), which includes Ellough,

Ringsfield (All Saints),

Ilketshall St Andrew (St Andrew),

Sotterley (St Margaret), which includes Willingham, Shadingfield (St John the Baptist),

Redisham (St Peter),

Stoven (St Margaret),

Brampton (St Peter), and

Westhall (St Andrew)

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