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In Memoriam - Des Kelly

Many of us know that Des Kelly has been unwell at some time.  On Friday 21st April 2023 he died peacefully in his sleep.  

      He was a respected and much loved Minister.  He was honest, straightforward and steadfast in his faith.  He had a great sense of humour, enjoying joking with and laughing with his congregations.

     Because of his life's journey as a policeman, father, husband and minister he showed great understanding - often sharing his experiences as a tool for teaching and our amusement.  His services were never boring!  All of us appreciated how he continued to minister despite his illnesses.

     His was a life well lived and shared with others, a man of the community he served.  If anybody deserves a place in heaven, it is him.

     May he rest now with God and without pain.

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